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Married (25)
Ref: WW1202
Upd on 04-Dec-16
Single (33)
Ref: ZX1101
Upd on 17-Nov-16

Lusiana Yunita, 35 yrs. old, Married with 3 children age 19 yrs. old twin and 20 yrs. old. Lusiana is a flexible person although she doesn't have experience working as a helper but she's the one who work on her home, do general house work, cooking on her family and taking care her children since newborn. Pleasant, hardworking and obedient lady. She wants to work in Singapore to support her family and help her husband to save for the good future of her children.

Lusiana Yunita basic salary is $500.00 and asking for 1-2 off day a month.

Any other inquiry about this girl you can contact: Irene, Mae, John.

Married (35)
Ref: CKL-0002
Upd on 24-Oct-16
Single (25)
Ref: ZX0701
Upd on 15-Oct-16
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